Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello Everyone!
Its been a little while since I blogged last. Been sooooo busy and the Family has kept me on my toes!
Thought I would share this Canvas that I made for My Little Bit of Whimsy.
Ive wanted to make something with these words for a really long time for my little Girls room.
I love the cottage feel, It screams Beautiful!
I am roses and Manor House Large Rose. Prima Sweet Fairy Papers and Bling!
 My Little Bit of Whimsy Bee....Super Cute!
 I have now become a Distributor for IT WORKS!
 After trying this new product from America and it working on me, I decided this is what I wanted to sell as SAHM. Ive lost weight, feel generally better and it only cost $25
 For Men and Women for many different conditions!
Fast, effective & affordable, The Ultimate Body Wrap uses natural ingredients and allows you to pick where you want to lose - literally shrink your trouble spots in just 45 minutes!

The Ultimate Applicator is a site-specific slimming body wrap designed for abs, back, legs, arms and chin area. The wrap is made of a non-woven cloth and is an easy, powerful one-step application formula that helps you to lose inches, tighten and tone, and improves skin texture for younger looking skin.

They heal stretchmarks, combat cellulite and rejuvinate the skin from a cellular level. Many customers have reported relief from other symptoms such as IBS, Arthrits pain & psoriasis just to name a few!

The easy to apply in-home wrap is great for people with busy schedules who need a "jump start" to their health programme! It's fabulous for de-toxing your system as well!
If you would like to see some more information or try a $25 wrap you can find me on Facebook

I will be back really soon with some cards!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Exciting is this......

After what seems like years, 2 of my Layouts have been published in Scrapbooking and Beyond.
Although I have been Published in AUSSIE mags before, this is my first AMERICAN Mag Publish. So excited!

Its also a first Whole Page Publication for me!
 And this one is my first ever double Page Publication. Yay!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking for a new Technique?....Two below.....

These are my DT pages for MY LITTLE BIT OF WHIMSY
My first share is of my little girl and I found the perfect MY LITTLE BIT OF WHIMSY flower button to compliment the look of the page. Have you spotted it?
 For the scalloped circle effect: Place a large dinner plate upside down on the edge of Cardstock. Use a sea sponge/Kitchen Sponge and blot some paint around the edge of the Plate. When dry, loosley doodle the inside edge for definition.
 There it is....well done, you found it!

ANNA GRIFFEN Floral paper
ECHO PARK VICTORIA GARDENS Papers, Die Cuts and Stickers.
PURPLE PUMPKIN Buttons, Champagne Flowers & Butchers Twine

This one is of one of my boys and his own special mohawk fringe thing he does for school every morning now. I have layered lots of photos and although hard to see, lots of machine stitch..
The MLBOW Maroon bird pin goes so well! Can you see it?
 Close up....there he is....
 For the Tie Dye Banner effect: Cut shapes out of a patterned Paper Towel. Careful turn the edges through a drop of Watery Ink or Colour wash. The Paper towel soaks up and creates a dark to light effect. I sprayed a quick layer of Acid free to ensure no damage to my page over time.

TIM HOLTZ Colourwash
PURPLE PUMPKIN Buttons & Butchers Twine
PINK PAISLEE alpha Stickers


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spot the Frog!

GET PICKY  November Inspiration Challenge #14
Tell a story and use more than one Photo.
This is my story:
Our little Keanu is 18mths.
From 12mths he would pull "Hulk Face" on command.
He clenches and shakes his little fists, turns bright red and grimaces. 5 seconds later he has not only himself in fits of laughter but his whole family and all of our friends.
These photos capture him in action....
I Have used 2 PURPLE PUMPKIN buttons and lots of Chipboards from WOW.
Did you spot the little FROG Pin?
Is'nt Kermit just the cutest?
It is from MLBOW (Blog) and I was very excited when they asked me to join thier Design Team. It meant lots of gorgeous new pins for me to play with. Im in Pin heaven right now with my newly aquired collection.
MLBOW (Shop)
Goodnight all. Im off to bed and Im excited about hitting the pillow. Its been a long day
zzzz Chic zzzz

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Texture Paste and Butterflies

I love little baby girls and I love pink!
A friend had a Beautiful baby girl and I had some newly aquired Texture Paste.
What to do? This little piece is the result. I used Texture Paste to create a base and worked my way up with 3D Butterflies. That was lots of Punching, Inking and Gluing LOL.
Its not Awesome...but its a start and it's inspired lots of new project idea's.
 This is the biggest problem with getting decent Photo's to scrap. My three kids never all look at the same time, even with Grandma & Grandpa's help. It just made me laugh at the reality of it. I have one Poser, who poses way to much and two who just dont want to know about the camera and will do everything BUT smile for mummy.
Enjoy the rest of your day and if its anything like here (Thundering, cold and wet), well I hope you've got a good movie and hot choclate to enjoy
Chic xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monochromatic Fun!

Ive had this little baby for a few weeks now and I can finally reveal it in full.
I was asked to be the Guest designer @ CREATIVE SCRAPPERS and I thank them very much for having me. This is Juliana Michaels first sketch and its a great challenge. So if you have some multiphotos to scrap then give it a go!
 I flipped it to suit my photos.
I tried to follow the seaside beach shack theme of these Photo's. Two of my babies playing on the Jetty with the Underwater Observatory behind them.
Although the page did not photograph well the different hues of blue are so bright and sparkly together. I had fun painting little seagulls!
 The little Chipboard shipping wheel is from WOW and it was ordered through MAD ABOUT SCRAPPING
 The netting is from a Fresh Garlic bunch, washed and dried thoroughly. Waste not..... :-)
 Thank you for stopping by!
Im off to George Foreman my Chicken!

Friday, November 11, 2011

DT News!

Okay I can not contain my excitement any longer! It going to burst out......
I have been asked to Join the Design Team for MY LITTLE BIT OF WHIMSY in Canada and I have accepted. I thank Stephanie for the wonderful oppurtunity and look forward to sharing my Whimsy Creations with you all :-) If you have not already seen Whimsy pieces click on the link above and pre-pare to be amazed.
Chat soon!!
Chic xx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Collage Photo layout!

I wanted to capture my son and his silly faces and poses so I set the camera to multishoot and kept shooting.
I love the photos and how they turned out, I love each and every face!!!
I brought the photos to life with PINK PAISLEY Office Lingo Die Cut paper, Prima paintable words (he) and PURPLE PUMPKIN doileys and Handmade Flowers.


Monday, October 24, 2011

My daddy has the coolest job in the world!!!!

My Hubby is a playground Designer for schools and local councils. He plans the colours and how they will look.
Daddy planned a special road trip to go all around the bottom half of WA visiting the playgrounds he has designed over the last 4 yrs. We spent 22 hours in the Car, Stayed in Outback Katanning and stopping at lots of little country towns. We stayed at the bottom of Aust in Denmark then along the South West Coast of Aust in Busselton. So many stops, coffees and pee trips along the way but I was blown away with how good the kids all were. They loved stopping and playing on daddy's playgrounds. It was a kids dream Holiday!
 Some of Daddy's creations!

 This is not one of Daddy's and I'm not sure how legal it is but all of the rides and slides are adult sized and I just had to get up and have a go!!! They were such a long way down.
Katanning WA
 If you are ever in Australia you have to stay in DENMARK. It is right at the bottom of Aust and so beautiful and green. Here is a view from our room out over the ocean.
 These are the gorgeous forrest cottages we stayed in. Sorry, hubby wouldn't move his car Grrr!
 We then Headed to Busselton (My old Hometown and where my sister is laid to rest) and Bunbury.
There is a 3km Jetty there with an underwater observatory at the end. You can catch the kiddy train out to the end of the jetty. The kids were so excited. Including hubby below :-)

 We then headed to DONNYBROOK WA, another small quaint green Country town.
They have a playground there (not one of dads) but it would be disneyland to any kid.
 Where were these playgrounds when I was growing up?

 Our youngest was mesmerized by the big Apple and kept giving it high fives.
I will have a few pictures to scrap now. Needed some new photo's
So if your ever in Aust WA has lots to offer with kids :-)
Chic xx

Baby Boy Card and a sneak!

Hi all just a Quick Share in between loads of holiday washing:
A friend just had a bubba boy and as you can guess his name starts with "S" :-)
I love how this little card turned out and it ties at the back so the giftcard cant fall out.
A little sneak of my Nov Guest Spot page @ Creative Scrappers. All will be revealed next month :-)
If you have some seaside pictures coming up to scrap this may give you an idea or two :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some more Purple Pumpkin, My New Toy & News!

Hello everyone,
This is my latest share, My little boy had all of his curls cut off and he looked so different.
I experimented with Sepia and Colour photos usually not seen together, but in this case I love the effect.
I have used: Tim Holtz Colour Wash Mist/Stream, Echo Park Paper Scraps, Butchers twine from Purple Pumpkin, 7 gypsies Tag, Doilies, bookrounds and buttons from Purple Pumpkin. How sweet is the little green bird!
 NEW TOY! My baby sister gave me a brand new Camera. She really made my day, thank you little sis. Its a Canon EOS 1100d. It is my first DSLR and about time. I have no idea how to use any of the features yet but Im excited to learn and so is hubby. I keep finding him in the office pressing buttons and taking photos of random things. These are the first to pictures I took, clearly alot to learn but I love the depth of field feature. Now to work on the lighting, use a better subject than my non flowering Frangipani and make sure I dont have the car in view :-)
 Dont forget to check the post below for BRIGHT EYES photography tutorial.....
NEWS! I have just been asked and accepted to be a Guest designer at purple Pumpkin and also another Challenge sketch site I cant name yet. Details coming soon. Its going to be a busy few months but I cant wait.
Have a lovely weekend :-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Photography help! EYE BRIGHT for Photos.

We decided to have some photos taken on the park with my 3 children and thier cousins by a local Photographer we have used before.
It was no easy venture trying to get 5 under 5 looking at the same time, but we did get some beautiful photos and the kids played and had fun in between shots on the playground.

I was once again amazed at Amy's ( the Photographer) photos and how she has captured the bright sparkle in thier eyes. Something I see every day but for the life of me can not capture.

Then I discovered a program on the net that is free to use and offers this function, plus complexion repair and lighting adjustments. Im yet to give it a go but wanted to share. The free applications are offered by THE COFFEE SHOP BLOG. I cant wait to give it a go when I get a moment to myself.

 My other "son shine" to the right and his cousin

 This is a fav of my son and his little girl cousin who he follows around like a protective older brother, picking her up when she falls, calling her darling and sweetheart.
 My baby girl and her best friend

I hope you get a chance to try it out. If you do let me know how you go :-)
xx Chic xx