Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids Who Scrap!!!! & my Fav Scrapbooker!!!!

Ive been a little busy lately and haven't had much time to scrap Waaaa! LOL but in the wee morning hours Ive done a little bit of blog hopping. I came across this little blog by 9yr Old KUBA. He is absolutely amazing and has such an eye for design........

This is my Favourite Blog spot!!! They have thier own customised papers and embellies and they are Delicious!

And this lady is so very talented....I love to see all of her new works but my Oh my I have no idea how she manages to store her finished pieces. You will see what I mean :-)

I hope you find something inspiring to you on one of these pages.... I found enough to keep me going for years :-)

We also bought another new High Res Scanner and it has lots of cool tricks and applications...... I'm dying to play around with my photos but will have to wait for things to quieten down here a bit :-)

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. It always makes my day xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Welcome all! Thank you for all of the lovely comments you have been leaving.
This Paper started out as a yellow patterned Crate paper. I played with my Daughters water hairspray bottle and TIM HOLTZ Colourwash, then a little bit of Purple radiant rain on top. I found my 3yr old Girl in the office adding some aqua and red paint to my page. Ah! I was able to work with the new picaso of colours and Im happy with how it turned out. Although I was at first annoyed, the page is even more special knowing my little girl helped to make it LOL

The page is all about the big changes my little boy has gone through in the last few months which seems to have made him grow up overnight.
He lost a tooth (so I made little teeth to go on the page, super cute), Daddy bought him a guitar and he started lessons and keeps telling me hes a rockstar. He learnt how to do arm and leg farts (such a boy), and asked me to cut his hair like Justin Beaver's (Biebers) so the girls would think he was cute and they would like him. What the? He's five!
Weve been really proud of him too, he has earnt 6 merrit certificates this year at school so he got to talk to our Prime Media (Prime Minister) when she came to his school in WA last week. Her name is Julia Gillard but he had me in stitches because he thought her name was Julia Gizzard!!!
Because he has been so good we bought him a Leapster 2 Hand Console and games (The DS he wants is out of question until he is older). Of course Miss 3 then had to have one too, and it had to be the pink one so then the search started LOL.
I must say for any mum it is an awesome invention to get a moment of peace. They sit together quietly on the couch and play with it, and its actually teaching them something educational. Best Buy!
  TFL and I hope you find something that inspires you....
~ Chic ~

Friday, August 12, 2011


Our 15mth old broke his collarbone so there has been alot of time spent at home and TLC. I'm feeling like a caged bird....He is mending well though so hope to be out and about soon. Amidst the chaos I had some me time to do a layout.
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be EGYPT. I want to see inside the pyramids and touch the walls painted by people many centuries ago...... There is so much history and another lifetime to discover and feel part of.
Knowing It will probably only ever remain a DREAM to visit, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre Exhibition in 2007. I was so overwhelmed and in awe at the Mummified animals, Ramses Sarcophagus and all the golden treasures and manuscripts I was able to see. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed so I had no photos for memorabilia. They were however, selling hand painted pictures, made in Egypt. I just had to take something home with me so here it is.......

I can smell the mini quiches starting to burn so better run.... till next time ciao!!!!