Monday, October 24, 2011

My daddy has the coolest job in the world!!!!

My Hubby is a playground Designer for schools and local councils. He plans the colours and how they will look.
Daddy planned a special road trip to go all around the bottom half of WA visiting the playgrounds he has designed over the last 4 yrs. We spent 22 hours in the Car, Stayed in Outback Katanning and stopping at lots of little country towns. We stayed at the bottom of Aust in Denmark then along the South West Coast of Aust in Busselton. So many stops, coffees and pee trips along the way but I was blown away with how good the kids all were. They loved stopping and playing on daddy's playgrounds. It was a kids dream Holiday!
 Some of Daddy's creations!

 This is not one of Daddy's and I'm not sure how legal it is but all of the rides and slides are adult sized and I just had to get up and have a go!!! They were such a long way down.
Katanning WA
 If you are ever in Australia you have to stay in DENMARK. It is right at the bottom of Aust and so beautiful and green. Here is a view from our room out over the ocean.
 These are the gorgeous forrest cottages we stayed in. Sorry, hubby wouldn't move his car Grrr!
 We then Headed to Busselton (My old Hometown and where my sister is laid to rest) and Bunbury.
There is a 3km Jetty there with an underwater observatory at the end. You can catch the kiddy train out to the end of the jetty. The kids were so excited. Including hubby below :-)

 We then headed to DONNYBROOK WA, another small quaint green Country town.
They have a playground there (not one of dads) but it would be disneyland to any kid.
 Where were these playgrounds when I was growing up?

 Our youngest was mesmerized by the big Apple and kept giving it high fives.
I will have a few pictures to scrap now. Needed some new photo's
So if your ever in Aust WA has lots to offer with kids :-)
Chic xx

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Lydia said...

That is sooooo cool, what a cool road trip for a kid and congrats on making the little bit of whimsy team!!