Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Texture Paste and Butterflies

I love little baby girls and I love pink!
A friend had a Beautiful baby girl and I had some newly aquired Texture Paste.
What to do? This little piece is the result. I used Texture Paste to create a base and worked my way up with 3D Butterflies. That was lots of Punching, Inking and Gluing LOL.
Its not Awesome...but its a start and it's inspired lots of new project idea's.
 This is the biggest problem with getting decent Photo's to scrap. My three kids never all look at the same time, even with Grandma & Grandpa's help. It just made me laugh at the reality of it. I have one Poser, who poses way to much and two who just dont want to know about the camera and will do everything BUT smile for mummy.
Enjoy the rest of your day and if its anything like here (Thundering, cold and wet), well I hope you've got a good movie and hot choclate to enjoy
Chic xx

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