Saturday, July 30, 2011

Broken Bones...........

I have a little boy who thinks he can fly! :-)
Keanu figured out how to climb the half walls in the house. On Tues he slipped of the top and fell on his head with a big "Crack". Whilst crying vomiting and in a lot of pain the Doc said to take him home, he's fine, just a bit of shock. Unhappy with the answer because I heard something crack and he was inconsolable I took him for a 2nd opinion to the hospital. They X-rayed his head, shoulders and CT Scanned him. Broken collarbone and concusion!!! He lapsed in and out of sleep so he was kept in and doped up on pain killers. Our other son Broke his collarbone at school 4 mths earlier and the reaction baby was giving was similiar, so Im glad I trusted my instincts, ignored the original doc and took him to the hospital. His arm is taped with a wide tape to his body, but despite the discomfort and alot of yellow bruising He's still quite chirpy. I just have to be more gentle giving him big squishy cuddles for a while, and did I mention the difficulty gently manouvering him in and out of the car seat for the school run every morning. Thank goodness its now the weekend. LOL
 I received my new Tim Holtz Leaf cutting dies in the mail and and was so excited to try them out on this page. I think they look cool. The dies cut through Fabric so I am going to try cutting some velvet leaves next. The Birdbath is Handrawn, cut and inked by me on thick Card. The gorgeous buttons are by PURPLE PUMPKIN. The butterflies were punched with a MARTHA STEWART Punch.
I had a collection of beautiful Boy papers and Die cuts from the BASIC GREY Mellow Series and I love how they all came together. I think the tree is gorgeous. It gave the Page a more Wintery Autumn look..... and its certainly that here. Blustery, cold and raining. Im surprised I managed to take such good photos on my poxy point and click on an overcast day...See! Miracles do happen LOL
Thank you for looking and I hope you find something that inspires you :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

An Album for a Loved One Passed

It has been a busy week this week. The kids are on school holidays so we have been a shuttle service for thier visits, play dates and parties! Me and Hubby were able to have a lovely Date Weekend just gone too. We were able to sleep in until Lunchtime!!! Something we havent done since the birth of our first child. It was glorious!!! We went out for chinese dinner, Watched Transformers 3 (Something else we havent been able to do for ages) and just relaxed. The kids are back now so all I can hear is whinging again and I cant recall how many times Ive nicely asked my 3yr Old to hop back into bed. LOL Cant wait until next Date weekend :-) Its great to have them back though, felt lost without them.
On a sad Note, we also had a funeral to attend on Saturday for a special friend. He used to come see us almost every Saturday and always had plenty of hugs and lollies for our kids. Our 5 yr Old cried for hours and was so sad. We are all happy in a way though for him and his dear wife that he doesnt have to keep battling Cancer anymore. He will be missed by and touched the hearts of so many.
I made this journal keepsake for his wife to preserve many precious memories, with a smile she told me it was too pretty to put her scribble in so it was to become an ornament LOL. Love her dearly.

RIP Peter
We will see you again soon xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Colour Room Challenge.

Goodmorning everyone :-)
Sorry I have been a bit MIA!
Sadly our friend battling Cancer passed this week so I have been busily making a memories Album for his wife. I will try to take pictures before it is given.
That been said I only have one share for today. This Page is for The Colour Room Challenge #66
I have used Websters pages as a base and built my nest from there :-)
The photos are of our 14mth Old precious Baby Boy.

Thank you for looking :-)
Have a lovely day xx
~ Chic ~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

FRAME TUTORIAL for chipboards collecting dust!!!

This is my take on the latest PURPLE PUMPKIN Sketch Challenge.
If you love the HANDMADE FRAMES and need to use up some old chippies, I have made up the perfect little tutorial a little further down.
I wanted a bright fresh GET WELL SOON layout for my little girl, so I could journal her first eye operation and hospital experiences.
 I tried really hard to hand make most of the items on the page. In a way a gift to my little girl and the special page she will one day receive.
I handmade the large rosette, frames and flag banner.
The little cute BEE button is from PURPLE PUMPKIN. The handmade Yellow button is from MLBOW.  The little cloud is made by Leanne @ CLOUDS and MORE.
Please feel free to share but link back to here.
Find any odd chippies that would make a great frame outline.
 Cut out the middles and file for nice clean edges.
 Adhere some bling, rhinestones......any odd little charms that need using up really. The colour doesnt matter as they will be painted over.
 Once the gems are in place and the glue is dry you can sponge paint over the frames with white or black Gesso before applying a coat of paint in your colour choice.
Add a layer of Clear gloss like Dimensional magic for very polished look. I kept mine in a natural Gesso painted state for a more matte finish.

I hope you have fun trying out this technique.