Monday, July 18, 2011

An Album for a Loved One Passed

It has been a busy week this week. The kids are on school holidays so we have been a shuttle service for thier visits, play dates and parties! Me and Hubby were able to have a lovely Date Weekend just gone too. We were able to sleep in until Lunchtime!!! Something we havent done since the birth of our first child. It was glorious!!! We went out for chinese dinner, Watched Transformers 3 (Something else we havent been able to do for ages) and just relaxed. The kids are back now so all I can hear is whinging again and I cant recall how many times Ive nicely asked my 3yr Old to hop back into bed. LOL Cant wait until next Date weekend :-) Its great to have them back though, felt lost without them.
On a sad Note, we also had a funeral to attend on Saturday for a special friend. He used to come see us almost every Saturday and always had plenty of hugs and lollies for our kids. Our 5 yr Old cried for hours and was so sad. We are all happy in a way though for him and his dear wife that he doesnt have to keep battling Cancer anymore. He will be missed by and touched the hearts of so many.
I made this journal keepsake for his wife to preserve many precious memories, with a smile she told me it was too pretty to put her scribble in so it was to become an ornament LOL. Love her dearly.

RIP Peter
We will see you again soon xx

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